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Our coding-kitchen will make the maximum of your ideas to help you become the top-dog on the market.


when design & delicacy collaborate

Developing an app is like dining out. You may not know what you want, or you may want something specific — in both cases, you expect excellent service and a delicious hearty meal. Sonic Development Studio is a high-class restaurant in mobile application development. We will discuss your tastes and create a product that make your competitors salivate.

$935 bn.

in revenue expected to be generated by mobile apps in 2023.

255 bn.

apps were downloaded in 2022.


growth in mobile app downloads over the past 4 years.

Ready to make your business limitless and expand your impact?

Services we dish up

  • android app development & ios app Development

    Whether you have a specific request or just an idea, we will create an outstanding product from scratch. Our applications are a compact high-tech masterpiece, just like a small flash drive with a terabyte of data.

  • Business optimization

    Let’s find a way to integrate modern technologies into your business! We will simplify the customer's path to making a purchase, create a fast and convenient service, fix bugs. Optimizing your business will reduce costs and increase profit.

  • web Development

    You want your business to be able to process online orders automatically 24/7? We will implement functionality into a user-friendly interface and create an easy path for the client to make a purchase.

  • app improvment & Bug fixing

    We can improve your application, make it more convenient and understandable for the user, and eliminate all the bugs. So to say, we will give your dish an exquisite look and aroma.

  • ui-Ux Design

    If the user doesn’t understand your interface in a split second, he will most likely leave and never come back. Interfaces should be intuitive and simple if you want your customers to trust your business. We will identify and solve user problems, so that the design is intuitive, interactive and, of course, aesthetically-pleasing.

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projects we created

Secure VPN Proxy

Secure VPN Proxy

This app provides a secure VPN proxy and Wi-Fi network to protect up to 10 devices with unlimited speed.

online store of electrical goods

online store of electrical goods

Find the right product and order it at any time with the possibility of paying by card. There is a detailed description of the characteristics, checking the availability and a list of available stores.



Manage your services, check your balance, pay your bills, watch TV channels, add CCTV cameras, access your archive and contact support in one application.

VPN Proxy Shield Proxy Servers

VPN Proxy Shield Proxy Servers

With our advanced encryption along with fast proxy servers, we have created one of the best VPN and Wi-Fi proxy security.

My Apps Time

My Apps Time

This app allows you to measure your screen time and express yourself while sharing your interests and achievements with your friends.


why we are special

  • focus on the results

    Our first priority is to create a first-class product that will become a new source of income for you. We care about your profit maximization.

  • support

    We won’t leave you alone after finishing the project, because we want your business to thrive and prospert. The application will continue to live, we will fix bugs and update the application. We have built a boat for you and we are going to sail with you.

  • From A to Z

    You come up with an idea and all you need to do is to wait for the chef to create it.You don’t bring groceries to the restaurant, do you? In our studio you won’t need other contractors too, because we implement the entire process from scratch to the final product.

  • transparency

    Our development process will be transparent to you. Our team will discuss each step of the development with you, so that every part of the project would be done perfectly. With the help of such step-by-step creation, we will tailor your digital masterpiece and lead you to the maximisation of the results.

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We only use the best technologies in our work. Just like a restaurant uses high-quality products.

kotlin swift flutter java 5unity
python react javascript html adobe
firebase sql csharp figma
explore our 5-course-menu


  • aperitif

    Discussion of your preferences and requests, review of your idea and business situation, implementation of our creativity and a start of our digital journey

  • Starter
    Mobile app design

    Creation of a clickable prototype with intuitive interactive design under the guidance of our UI/UX chief.

  • main course

    Coding of the preliminary version of your project and the review of it.


    Final review to make sure that the prepared dish completely meets your requirements

  • dessert
    Your App à la perfetta

    Discussion of your preferences and requests, review of your idea and business situation, implementation of our creativity and a start of our digital journey

  • Digestive
    App maintenance and support

    Bug-fixing, development of the updates for your project

Let’s turn your great idea into a great product

    By the way, we are ready to adapt to any terms of work. So let's not waste time.