My Apps Time

This app allows you to measure your screen time and express yourself while sharing your interests and achievements with your friends.

My Apps Time
My Apps Time
My Apps Time
My Apps Time

The main goal was to create an application for an Internet provider from the introduced design. The application allows users to control the balance and pay bills. A video surveillance system and TV channels are also implemented.


Architecture development is divided into two stages:

1) Synchronization of the application with the phone to obtain data about the time spent by the user in the application.

2) Implementation of time data from the phone into the application itself.

Despite the complexity of these stages, the design helped to simplify the output of this information in the application to the user.

To authenticate the user, a database was used, which functioned as a protection against third-party intervention.

The profile itself indicates the user’s login during registration, an avatar and a description of the profile. Among other things, the profile also displays the number of hours spent in various apps, the number of followers and subscriptions. Everything was implemented with the help of self-written, as well as with the help of ready-made libraries.

The blog section was made using the RecyclerView component and IOS analogue + loading data from the database. Particular attention has been paid to the optimisation of the videos which could be uploaded to the blog

Time management in one place

Now the user does not have to go through the phone settings to find the downloaded application and view the time spent in it.

Everything will be available in one application, where you can track the time spent, analyze your time management and share your achievements with other users.

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